apology posted. a love letter.

not only have I had the nagging itch to write again, but just now as i start a fresh new post on this here cobwebbed blog of mine, i notice my last post was nearly a year a go to the day. so i’ll save the post that was planned and rush ahead to where my head has lead me in this moment.

this past year has been a doozy.

i’ve grown. i’ve laughed. i’ve cried, i’ve created, and i’ve posted on a whole shit ton of facebook, twitter, foursquare, google+, pinterest , linkedin, posterous, about.me, flavors.me, tumblr, yelp, weebly, urbanspoon, foodspotting, etc… for every imaginable type of client from electricians, make up artists, farmers to restaurants and retail businesses.

and i’ve learned.

i learned this year, that the one thing that merges all of these social networking posts and business owners is this… nobody wants to do it, and nobody wants to pay someone to do it for them. social media consultants, digital marketing consultants, bloggers – everyone thinks its pointless but at the same time necessary.

which leaves me frustrated and yet, needed. so here is my apology to all of you. i’m sorry you need me. i am truly sorry.

i’m sorry to every business owner who wants a clean, clear, cheap, easy, straight forward answer and solution to your social media woes. i’m sorry that i can’t say “i’ll fix it – you’ll have 5,000 friends,fans and followers by the end of the day and they’ll all buy what you’re selling tomorrow and it’ll only cost you $5 and a beer.” i’m sorry, that it takes effort on both your part and mine. i’m sorry that i take what i do as seriously as what you do. i’m sorry it takes time to do things properly.

i’m sorry that marketing your business is different than you planned. i’m sorry that your sales are dependent on your online community. i’m sorry that you need me. i’m sorry that print ads no longer work. i’m sorry that tv ads are dwindling with the rapid rise of internet ad growth.

i’m sorry  you’re stuck. i’m sorry facebook is obviously not going anywhere. i’m sorry that there will be a shit ton more of new fangled changes, updates and sparkly new social tools to use for your marketing efforts. i’m sorry that you the small business owner don’t realize that you need a marketing b u d g e  t.  i’m sorry you probably spend only 1% of your sales revenue on marketing and wonder why its not working.

i’m truly sorry that you need me to help your business grow. please accept this apology and lets start strategizing and posting and laughing and increasing your revenue.


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